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Freezing the Vanishing 凝積消弭

— Freezing the Vanishing  — documenting the flux through bodily involvement Let's talk about time, community, nature, and art. 【 Vanishing 】 Everything begins with memories. Three years ago, the Netherlands. I started my research journey, focused on developing participatory art by ‘using’ nature as the material. For those event-based workers who may agree already, the limitation of community art lies in the ‘one-off’ enjoyment with the participants. Every event happens only once. Mostly, the documentation of activities is kept merely in images, texts, or whatever second outcome. Unlike other mediums of art, such as painting or sculpture, the later audience usually finds it difficult to regain the feelings and experiences brought by the works at that time. I noticed that this mode of presenting ‘the past events’ is similar to the individual nourishment in reality. We are used to sharing stories on social media. While the images of momentous moments are circulated on the internet, t

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