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Things Happen In My House - some preformance records

@Day 1 @Day 3   Information for the performance session: Thu, 1 October, 4pm I Shadow 影子. & II Insects and Net 蚊帳與蚊滋仔 Sat, 3 October, 4pm III One Night I Stepped Over A Fig 果晚,我踩到粒無花果 Wed, 7 October, 4pm IV Melon’s seeds 瓜的種子 Sinwah Lai, Things happen in my house, 2020, performance, approx. 20mins. . Live stream link 當日演出: Info: --------------------------------------------------- Now, if you happen to sit inside your house, Try to look around. Get closer, Get closer with the otherness that exists in the same house. With your eyes, as if a pair of microscope, Try to discover the tiniest and most intimate relations of everyday life. Let's join Sinwah Lai Wa Wa in October, to see what she comes across with "Things happen in my house". --------------------------------------------------- "If Not Now" @bakbasis Preview: 30 September 2020, 13.00–17

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Things Happen in My House

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